Make your money count for more

What if we told you that your savings had the potential to make positive impact just like your daily session on Treeapp? Well, it could.

Here's how. On our platform, you can invest from £25 a month in expertly managed funds that have been handpicked and rated for their positive impact on the world. 

We're all about being 100% transparent so there's a detailed report on each investment showing you exactly where your money is going. So, as you're working towards that dream home or your retirement, you know you're also having a positive impact on yours and everyone else's world.

Make your money count for more

Investing is not guaranteed to make you money. Your capital is at risk

An image of money contributing to our environment. Ethical investing in our planet.

What is investing on The Big Exchange?

We don't just let any investment on The Big Exchange. Whether it aims to have an: ethical, sustainable, responsible, or impact strategy, every one that you see must prove its positive contribution to people and/or the planet. If it doesn't, you won't see it.

Rated investments

We rate all investments against our unique impact methodology.

Every investment needs to pass this test so that you can see the positive impact it could have on people and the planet.

Expert investors

We work with some of the biggest and most trusted names in sustainable investing.

But having a big name doesn't change the rules. All funds are tested equally to get their rating.


Our charges are some of the lowest you'll find.

For a service that rates the investments before they're put in front of you, we're proud to do more for less.

Investing is not guaranteed to make you money. Your capital is at risk. Please remember that tax treatment depends on the individual circumstances of each customer and may be subject to change in the future.

Partnered with
The Treeapp logo.

We plant a tree for every customer who joins The Big Exchange. We know that this isn't enough to solve the Climate Crisis, nor does it relieve us of our obligations to reduce emissions.

However, just like with investments, every great oak was once an acorn. More well-managed and protected forests will give back to future generations. That's part of our DNA.

Why trust us?

We know that financial services has a bad rep. A lot of the scepticism people have is warranted. However, we want to change that and we believe finance should be fair, sustainable, and inclusive. Everything you see on The Big Exchange has this intention at its heart and our values are clear.


We provide an impact summary and a rating for every investment. You can read all this information before you make your choice.

We are also one of the only investment platforms in the UK that gives you full sight of all the companies that are held in your fund.


We are co-founded by The Big Issue, whose mission is to dismantle poverty by creating opportunity through self-help, social trading and business solutions.

As a mission driven business we also have social and environmental goals at our core.

No Greenwashing

We don't let funds onto The Big Exchange that cannot meet our criteria and we go deeper than marketing.

We aim to call out any potential issues we find in a fund before you choose it. Whether its alcohol, intensive farming, nuclear power or more. We want you to know.

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To open an account with us, you'll need to provide us with your National Insurance number and some personal details so that we can check that you are who you say you are.

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