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Best for Sustainable Investors Award
Best for Sustainable Investing award from Boring Money
Best for sustainable investing award 2021
Ethical Consumer Best Buy Lable awarded to our ISA

Why choose to transfer to an ethical account on The Big Exchnage?

Rated investments

We rate all investments against our unique impact methodology.

Every investment needs to pass this test so that you can see the positive impact it could have on people and the planet.

Expert investors

We work with some of the biggest and most trusted names in sustainable investing.

But having a big name doesn't change the rules. All funds are tested equally to get their rating.


Our charges are some of the lowest you'll find.

For a service that rates the investments before they're put in front of you, we're proud to do more for less.

What can you invest in?

All of the investments on The Big Exchange have been independently rated for their positive contribution to people and the planet. On The Big Exchange there are two choices to make when you want to invest:

A ready-made Bundle

Pick a ready-made starter pack of funds which match a risk type. Take the stress away from choosing your own and choose from cautious, balanced or adventurous.

Picking your own funds

Examine our full fund list of rated investments. You can rank each fund on performance, cost, or even on the type of medal they received from our impact assessment.

Use our fee calculator to see what it costs

If you invest



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Your monthly cost of investing will be:


How we work that out?


The Big Exchange fee per year



The average annual ongoing charges of the funds in our Balanced Bundle




The total amount invested

Initial fees or exit fees:



We won’t charge you for wanting to join or leave the movement.

Protected by the FSCS

The money you invest on The Big Exchange is protected up to a total of £85,000 by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

The FSCS apply this limit to each person and to the total amount of any money you have on The Big Exchange.

This doesn't cover you against any losses from investment performance. You can read more in our FAQs.

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What investors think?

"I have previously invested in ETFs and have been sceptical of paying for active fees but, I have been impressed by the impact and financial return."
Tom - Student

"An easy to use website for beginners . Good range of ethical , sustainable and impact funds without being overwhelmed with choice. Customer service very good - quick to respond if have any issues."
Rob - Boring Money review

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