Terms for 100% Impact, +1% Cashback

We know Terms & Conditions can be tough to get through so we've put together a summary of the legal language to help you get to grips with the main points. You must still understand and agree to the full terms on this page, but we hope these summary bullets help to support your understanding.

  • This offer gives you the opportunity to get a 1% cash reward on the value of your transfers between the given dates.
  • A transfer is when you move your ISA, JISA or GIA account from your existing provider to The Big Exchange using our transfer journey and forms.
  • This offer is open to new and existing customers.
  • You have to request your transfer between the dates mentioned but if it completes after that, you'll still get the reward.
  • The maximum cashback any individual can receive is £600. This would be a transfer total of £60,000.
  • You can transfer in as many accounts as you wish in the offer periods and the aggregate amount will count towards your total.
  • We will pay the rewards out 30 days after the offer period ends or when your transfer completes.
  • All you have to do to participate is to request a transfer during the time window and we'll do the rest.

This summary is not a substitute for the full Terms and Conditions. Please read the full terms below.

Transfer Cashback Reward Terms.

1% cashback on qualifying ISA, JISA, and GIA transfers.

The following are the terms applicable to The Big Exchange Cashback Reward Offer (‘Transfer Cashback Reward’). The following terms should be read together with our The Big Exchange Platform Customer Terms and Conditions (‘Terms and Conditions’) which shall be treated as applying in relation to the Transfer Cashback Reward and you (and references to “you” means to any person seeking to claim the Transfer Cashback Reward under these terms).

1.    Are you eligible for the Transfer Cashback Reward?

This Transfer Cashback Reward is open to all new and existing customers of The Big Exchange. The Transfer Cashback Reward is funded by The Big Exchange, and so it will not come from your own cash or investments.

You are eligible to claim the Transfer Cashback Reward if you are a Qualifying Individual who:

a)    completes and returns the Transfer Application Form to The Big Exchange in accordance with the instructions in the Form within the Cashback Claim Period (being from 22nd August to 22nd October 2022, subject to being withdrawn earlier as described in 5.b);

b)    (if you are NOT already a customer of The Big Exchange on the date of submitting your Transfer Application Form) applies to open an account with The Big Exchange during the Cashback Claim Period and, have satisfied points 8.3 and 8.4 in our Terms and Conditions, and;

c)    the funds referenced in your Transfer Application Form(s) are transferred from your Qualifying Account(s) and received into The Big Exchange Account in your name subsequently. 


2.    How is the Total Transfer Value calculated and paid?

a)    We will treat all accounts we hold (where the related National Insurance (NI) Number is identical) as being held by the same holder for the purposes of calculating the amount due to the Qualifying Individual as the Cashback Transfer Reward. The Big Exchange reserves the right to refuse or suspend the Transfer Cashback Reward offer from individuals opening multiple accounts where this might result in an individual otherwise capable of receiving more than, in aggregate, £600 under this offer. 

b)    The amount of any Transfer Cashback Reward which will be paid to a successful Qualifying Individual shall be calculated as follows:

A Table describing the cashback calculations
Transfer cashback calculations

c)    We cannot pay you a Transfer Cashback Reward if we are unable to satisfactorily verify your identity through our checks. In that event, we will ask you for further information to help us to do so. Until we have successfully verified your identify, we will not be able to pay you any Transfer Cashback Reward. Subject to the previous sentences, we will pay your Transfer Cashback Reward into a GIA account which you will need to open within your account. 

d)    We will notify you to confirm the amount(s) of all funds under your Permitted Transfer(s) which have been received into your The Big Exchange account(s) after the end of the offer period. We will then pay, subject to point c) above, the Transfer Cashback reward within 30 days of the end of the offer period or of you opening the GIA, whichever occurs later. 

e)     The aggregate maximum amount that you can receive from the Transfer Cashback Reward is £600 regardless as to how many Transfer Application Forms you submit. Any Total Transfer Value made, in aggregate, over £60,000 pursuant to your Transfer Application Form(s) will be held in your The Big Exchange Account but it shall not be eligible for the 1% Transfer Cashback Reward.

f)    The Transfer Cashback Reward offer will be available in respect of your Transfer Application Form(s) so long as they are received by The Big Exchange during the Cashback Claim Period. If you do so, then even if the transfer of the related funds to your The Big Exchange Account are not completed until after the Cashback Claim Period, you will still qualify for the Transfer Cashback Reward if the other terms are satisfied.

g)    We also reserve the right to determine how the Transfer Cashback Reward is calculated. Therefore, if you are not sure how your transfers will be treated under the terms of this Transfer Cashback Reward, please contact us before you apply to transfer. By submitting any Transfer Application Form, you agree to be bound by the terms of this Transfer Cashback Reward.


3.     Can you use the Transfer Cashback Reward to provide additional funds into your the Big Exchange Account?

If you decide to add your Transfer Cashback Reward money back into your The Big Exchange account, the contribution will count towards your annual allowance, if you apply it to your JISA or ISA for such current tax year. Tax rules apply and these are subject to change. However, should you make such additional contribution, then it will not be eligible for the Transfer Cashback Reward.


4. Which transfers will not be eligible for the Transfer Cashback Reward?

Excluded Transfers are not eligible under this Transfer Cashback Reward offer. Transfers from the following accounts are deemed to be Excluded Transfers and so are not eligible for the Transfer Cashback Reward: (1) A Child Trust Fund or Lifetime ISA; (2) new money cash subscriptions to an account with The Big Exchange where such cash does not involve a transfer of funds from another platform or fund provider; (3) switches or transfers between or within existing The Big Exchange accounts.

5.    General Terms

a)    We ask that you maintain the amount transferred to your The Big Exchange Account under the Transfer Cashback Reward for at least one year from the time when it is received into your The Big Exchange Account. We will not stop you from transferring such amounts away from us but if you do decide to do this and/or close your account(s) with The Big Exchange, we reserve the right to recover the value of the Transfer Cashback Reward from your transfer value from your The Big Exchange Account(s) and you irrevocably consent to our so doing this.

b)    We reserve the right to remove or suspend the Transfer Cashback Reward, if necessary, including for legal or regulatory reasons or otherwise, by posting a notice via email to you or on our website. If the Transfer Cashback Reward closes early, all qualifying applications already received at the time of the posting of the notice will still be accepted. 

c)     Without prejudice to the generality of the general Terms and Conditions applying to this Transfer Cashback Reward, your attention is drawn to paragraph 15 thereof and, accordingly, by considering participation in this Transfer Cashback Reward you agree that neither The Big Exchange nor any employee or agent thereof is providing you with any advice of any sort in connection with it.

d)    This Transfer Cashback Reward is provided by The Big Exchange (TBF Limited), which is a limited company registered in England & Wales with the company number 11855990, whose registered office is 113-115 Fonthill Road, London, United Kingdom, N4 3HH . References in these terms and conditions to “The Big Exchange”, “our”, "us" or "we" are to The Big Exchange (TBF) Limited. The Big Exchange (TBF) Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Big Exchange Limited. The Big Exchange (TBF) Limited is an Appointed Representative of Resolution Compliance Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN 574048)

e)    In relation to all matters arising in connection with the Transfer Cashback Reward offer (including any dispute arising out of it or these terms) are governed by the laws of England and Wales and you agree to submit subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales in relation thereto.


6. Definitions applicable to The Transfer Cashback Reward

The following definitions apply:

i.     ‘Permitted Transfer’ means a transfer of cash in accordance with these terms to your The Big Exchange Account from Qualifying Account(s) other than an ‘Excluded Transfer’ (which phrase shall mean any other transfer or attempted transfer of cash from any other account including those referenced in paragraph 4 above);

ii.     ‘Qualifying Account’ means an investment account in the form of any of: ISA, JISA or GIA (held by and in the name of an individual resident in the United Kingdom) with a provider (other than The Big Exchange) which is regulated by or otherwise authorised to provide such an investment account by the Financial Conduct Authority (and in these terms for the Transfer Cashback Reward, such individual shall be termed a ‘Qualifying Individual’); 

iii.     ‘Transfer Cashback Reward’ means the amount payable in cash by The Big Exchange to a Qualifying Individual of a sum equal to 1% of the amount of that Qualifying Individual’s Total Transfer Value (provided that regardless of the amount of the Total Transfer Value the Transfer Cashback Reward shall not exceeding £600) pursuant to these terms;

iv.     ‘Total Transfer Value’ means the lesser of your aggregate amount of cash as a Qualifying Individual: (i) stated in your completed Transfer Application Form(s) to be transferred to The Big Exchange account(s) from all Qualifying Accounts held in the name of such Qualifying Individual; and (ii) actually transferred from all your Qualifying Account(s) to The Big Exchange Account(s); in each case, pursuant to these terms.

v.     ‘Cashback Claim Period’ means the period commencing on 22nd August 2022 and ending on the earlier of 22nd October 2022 or such earlier date as we may determine (all dates being inclusive);

vi.     ‘The Big Exchange Account’ means the account(s) held or otherwise opened in the name of a Qualifying Individual with The Big Exchange (whether in the form of a ISA, JISA and/or GIA); and

vii.    ‘Transfer Application Form’ means the application form attached to these terms 

If you have any questions about these terms please let us know through the contact form here and we will help answer them for you.