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What can I invest in?

All of the investments on The Big Exchange have been independently rated for their positive contribution to people and the planet. On The Big Exchange there are two choices to make when you want to invest:

A ready-made Bundle

Pick a ready-made starter pack of funds which match a risk type. Take the stress away from choosing your own and choose from cautious, balanced or adventurous.

Picking your own funds

Examine our full fund list of rated investments. You can rank each fund on performance, cost, or even on the type of medal they received from our impact assessment.

Three key things about the investments on The Big Exchange

Rated funds

We rate investments using medals. A medal is awarded for how much positive contribution to people & planet that fund makes. You cannot find these medals elsewhere.

No lock-in or exit fees

We don't punish customers for wanting to withdraw. None of our investments have any exit fees and you can usually get your money out within 3 days.

Ready-made bundles

We want to help. If you are feeling adventurous, balanced or cautious there is choice for you. We've put together starter packs if you're new to investing.

Choose a bundle or, select your own funds

Each fund and bundle has a dedicated impact and investment details page. Our independent investment committee put our selection of bundles together to give you a ready-made starter pack of funds that match a level of risk.

We don't manage your investments but our independent investment committee review the bundles once a year.

Why invest with us?

We are on your side. We know that there are lots of ways you can make a difference to our world and we want to make it easy for you to use your money for good.

Peace of mind that our purpose and ethics are clear.
We are specialists in sustainability and impact and dedicate our whole business to it.
Our 0.25% per annum platform fee is amongst the cheapest in the market.
There are no hidden fees, exit fees, or added trading charges.
We have helpful, human customer support at the end of the phone.
We are inclusive. We try to take out the jargon and speak to you like real people.

Our full fund list

The Big Exchange works with some of the world's leading investment firms. We constantly look to update our fund list and add new options for you. Each fund has a gold, silver, or bronze rating for how much positive change it contributes to other people and the planet.

The list below is for your information. To invest, please log-in or open an account with The Big Exchange.

AB Sustainable Global Thematic Credit
AB Sustainable Global Thematic Portfolio
AB Sustainable US Thematic
Artemis Positive Future Fund
Baillie Gifford Positive Change
BlueBay Impact-Aligned Bond Fund
CFP Castlefield Sustainable European Fund
CFP Castlefield Sustainable UK Opportunities Fund
CFP Castlefield Sustainable UK Smaller Companies Fund
CT UK Social Bond Fund
CT UK Sustainable Equity Fund
EdenTree Responsible & Sustainable Short Dated Bond
FP WHEB Sustainability Fund
Federated Hermes Impact Opportunities Equity
Fidelity Sustainable Water & Waste
Heptagon Future Trends
JPM Climate Change Solutions
JPM Emerging Markets Sustainable Equity Fund
JPM US Sustainable Equity
Janus Henderson Global Responsible Managed
Janus Henderson Global Sustainable Equity
Janus Henderson Sustainable Future Technologies
Janus Henderson UK Responsible Income
Janus Henderson US Sustainable Equity
Jupiter Ecology Fund
Jupiter Global Sustainable Equities
Liontrust Monthly Income Bond
Liontrust Sustainable Future Cautious Managed
Liontrust Sustainable Future Corporate Bond
Liontrust Sustainable Future Defensive Managed
Liontrust Sustainable Future European Growth
Liontrust Sustainable Future Global Growth
Liontrust Sustainable Future Managed
Liontrust Sustainable Future Managed Growth
Liontrust Sustainable Future UK Growth
Nordea 1 - Global Stars Equity Fund
Pictet Clean Energy
Pictet Global Environmental Opportunities
Pictet Global Sustainable Credit
Pictet Global Thematic Opportunities
Pictet Nutrition
Pictet Positive Change Fund
Pictet SmartCity
Pictet Timber
Pictet Water
Quilter Investors Ethical Equity Fund
Regnan Global Equity Impact Solutions Fund
Schroder Global Energy Transition
Schroder Global Sustainable Growth
Stewart Investors Asia Pacific Leaders Sustainability Fund
Stewart Investors Asia Pacific Sustainability Fund
Stewart Investors European (ex UK) Sustainability Fund
Stewart Investors Global Emerging Markets Sustainability Fund
Stewart Investors Indian Subcontinent Sustainability Fund
Stewart Investors Worldwide Leaders Sustainability Fund
Stewart Investors Worldwide Sustainability Fund
T. Rowe Price Global Impact Credit
T. Rowe Price Global Impact Equity
Triodos Global Equities Impact
Triodos Pioneer Impact
Triodos Sterling Bond Impact
UBAM Biodiversity Restoration
UBAM Positive Impact Emerging Equity
UBAM Positive Impact Equity Fund
abrdn Ethical Corporate Bond Fund
abrdn Europe ex-UK Ethical Equity Fund
abrdn Global Equity Impact Fund
abrdn Multi-Asset Climate Solutions
abrdn UK Ethical Equity Fund

Our investment manager partners

These are the experts who manage the investments (the funds) that you can select on The Big Exchange.

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By joining The Big Exchange, you're doing a lot more than making your money work harder for you and others. You're helping to start a movement that aims to transform the lives of millions of people by building a fairer financial system that works for everyone.

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