Making withdrawal from your account

Now we don't like to see customers withdrawing too regularly, but we know it's part and parcel of investing. While it is always good to be invested for the long term, we know people like to get profits into their bank account.

The good news is that investments on The Big Exchange can be sold, settled into cash and put in your bank account (usually) within a working week. And, there are no early exit fees or punitive withdrawal charges for doing so!

Our team give you the step-by-step below.

Getting cash available to withdraw

Firstly, in order to withdraw cash from your Big Exchange account the money needs to be in available to withdraw. If your money is tied up in investments, you will need to create a sell order for the required amount of investments that you wish to cash in.

A screenshot of your cash balance card in your account.
An example screenshot of the cash balance card within your account dashboard.

In the example above you can see that from the £140 cash the customer has, only £40 is available to withdraw. This could be because there is £100 currently being traded from cash to investments, or £100 waiting to settle.

Selling down your investments

To create a sell order, you will need to go to your current investment portfolio to choose which investments you want to sell.

A screenshot of your investment card within your account.
Click on Visit your portfolio to buy or sell your existing investments.

Once you are in your portfolio you will be able to click sell against any investment you wish to turn from an investment into cash. You can either choose to sell the whole of that investment, or you can enter a specific amount.

Once you have made your order, we will process it and it will usually take a couple of working days to complete. Initially you will see the amount become Available to trade, before it then becomes Available to withdraw in your Big Exchange Cash Balance.

Once your cash is available to withdraw

Once your sell trade has completed or you have the required amount visible in Available to withdraw you can then request to Withdraw cash.

After entering an amount (there is no minimum!) and making the request, we will transfer the cash to your designated bank account listed in your profile section. This can take 3-5 working days to arrive in your bank account. There is no charge or fee to withdraw from your account.

And that's it. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us via this form or through your secure messaging portal.

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