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Great to hear that you are interested in our app!

The Big Exchange was launched to make a real difference to everyone. We started with investing and we built out our app in the background to be a free tool for everyone in the UK to manage their money as long as they could connect. We launched it in 2021 and we are building in things all the time.

In this help centre article, we will give you tips on: registering for the app and linking your investment accounts and some insight into our other tools.

There is much more to come. We are in the process of building our investment service into the app so you have the same functionality both on your mobile and on your computer.

Registering for the app

To register for the app, all you have to do is download the app using one of the links on this page.

Setting up an account

As we mentioned, we built the app separately to the investment product so for the meantime, you will have different log ins. Your username and password for your investment account will not work to log in to the app. However, a single username is on our product roadmap.

Inside the app

We will be launching more help centre articles on the app in due course but please explore, link your accounts and see how our tools can help you manage your money. You can find tips for linking your investment account and using the Rental Recognition below.

Linking your Big Exchange investment account

One of the cool features of our app is being able to link your investment accounts. This allows you to see all of your money in one place; be it in your bank account, savings account or in investments.

To link your investment account, click on My Money and select Accounts and assets.

In the top right corner you will see a + sign. Click that to add an account. Follow the instructions until you see The Big Exchange.

You will be asked to then type in your username and password for your Big Exchange investment account. This will allow the app to get all of the data on your investments and present them to you in the app.

Once you have done this, your investment values, transactions and account information will be visible in your app dashboard.

Soon, you will be able to transact; buy, sell and transfer through the app. We're working on it!

The Rental Recognition

Ever thought it a bit unfair that despite paying your rent every month you are not rewarded for it through your credit score?

Well, we thought about it all the time and with our co-founders, The Big Issue, we helped integrate the Rental Recognition. This is a way in which your rental payments are sent to Experian and contribute positively towards your credit score - in the same way that mortgage payments are a positive contribution for home owners.

To use the Rental Recognition on the app, the first thing you should do is make sure the bank account you use to pay your rent is connected.

Once you have the bank account connected, you can then click on Planning then select Rent recognition.

Follow the instructions and select the regular payments from the list which are rent.

And, seriously, that's it. We will send that information to Experian and as long as you keep up your payments, your credit score will get a boost. And, what's more - it's a free feature we provide for you as part of our mission to build a more inclusive financial system.

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